Emile Coue 1857-1926 a French Psychotherapist


Emile Coue was a French Psychotherapist according to one resource and a pharmacist according to another, is one of the pioneers of self-hypnosis. He is remembered for his formula for curing by optimistic autosuggestion “Day by Day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” One of the articles state that Emile Coue as a pharmacist had a client that came to him demanding a new improved medication because nothing worked. Emile Coue mixed a new improved formula made of sugar and gave it to the client. In a week the client came back and reported that the medicine worked and that he was cured. Emile Coue also realized that suggestions offered by a hypnotist have no effect unless the client is in agreement with them, and further recognized that all hypnosis is in effect self-hypnosis.

According to Emile Coue:

1 – In the conflict between the will and the imagination, the force of the imagination is in direct ratio to the square of the will.

(This means that imagination wins over will 100% X 4)

2 – When the will and imagination are in agreement, one does not add to the other, but one is multiplied by the other.

3 – The imagination can be directed.

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