Certified Master Hypnotist (CMH)


Course 2: Intermediate Training
Become an IHF Certified Master Hypnotist (CMH)

Learning the Art of HYPNOTHERAPY

Overview of Intermediate Hypnotherapy

INTERMEDIATE Class 1: Introduction to Hypnotherapy

INTERMEDIATE Class 2: The Benefits Approach for Motivation and Habit Control

INTERMEDIATE Class 3: Anchoring and Triggers

INTERMEDIATE Class 4: Uncovering Subconscious Blocks

INTERMEDIATE Class 5: Regression Therapy (Part I)

INTERMEDIATE Class 6: Regression Therapy (Part II)

INTERMEDIATE Class 7: Phobias & Anxieties

INTERMEDIATE Class 8: Past Life Regressions

INTERMEDIATE Class 9: Other Rapid Change Techniques

INTERMEDIATE Class 10: Putting It Together

The objective of the INTERMEDIATE Hypnotherapy course is to teach the hypnotherapy. To teach you how to apply those techniques learned in Basic Hypnosis for habit control, self‑improvement, and motivation. More specific objectives include:

·        Handling the pre‑induction interview.

·        Learning the importance of the four hypnotherapeutic steps to facilitate change.

·        How to use the “Benefits Approach” for motivation and habit control.

·        When to use client‑centered techniques to discover causes of problems.

·        How to facilitate release.

·        How to enable subconscious relearning.

·        When to employ suggestion, imagery, and other rapid change techniques.

·        When and how to facilitate hypnotic regressions.

·        How to reduce  the risk of false memories during hypnotic regressions.

·        When and how to facilitate abreactions.

Prerequisite: Basic Training (50 Hours)

Cost: $1,179.50

Course Materials Include:
Text – The Art Of Hypnotherapy
DVD – The Benefits Approach
Audio CD – 10 minute Nap
Audio CD – Special Regression
Student Study Guide – Learning The Art Of Hypnotherapy


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